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Sorry for the lack of updates lately, folks! I've been swamped with the big events of the summer, but things have been going really well. I had an amazing time at my biggest convention thus far, Gencon, and even had the privilege of meeting a couple of you good folks there! That was followed just this past week by DragonCon, which also exceeded my expectations. With those done, my first big year of conventions is mostly wrapped up, and I can start getting back into the normal flow of things.

That means an update on commissions: I'm still closed for new commissions until the last couple things in my current queue are finished up. I'll probably be opening back up for a few limited slots in the first few days of October: This will be the last time you can grab some work from me at my current rate! After that, I'll be re-organizing my commissions page and my rate will go up slightly to reflect the amount of time I've been finding I actually wind up investing in each piece.

Also as I mentioned to a few people at DragonCon: Normally my open edition Luster Prints are only available in person at conventions. However, in a few weeks, I will be having a sale for only a couple of days, to clear out what is left from this year's conventions. If you don't expect to run into me at a show any time soon but would like to grab a print, this will be your chance! I'll post here when that is around the corner, but signing up for my mailing list is also a sure bet to hear when that will be going on.

That's it for now! Thanks again, everyone, for supporting my work <3

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Sasha R. Jones
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States


Inktober 2016 #11 - Cedar Root Cathedral
Another of the more detailed Inktober pieces done with an Uniball Vision Elite. This interestingly shaped cedar trunk with a burst of yellow early autumn flowers behind it caught my eye a bunch when I'd walk past it on the way to and back from other drawing sites, so I made sure to draw it before the flowers went out of season.
I knew I wanted to add a critter to it but wasn't sure what. But as I'd been working on it on an early foggy morning, I'd heard some vague rustling in the foliage further back-- I didn't really register it since there are always squirrels and birds making such noises. But I noticed a motion that was suddenly coming towards me, and I noticed a copperhead pushing slowly through the foliage towards me. I leapt up from sitting to a crouch, and the snake stopped, startled, and turned to go back the other way.
Since there was no real danger involved, mostly the encounter left me feeling privileged to have seen the animal-- and that I had been the one it had come upon on the path and not someone else who might have tried to kill it. So, of course that wound up being the critter that I paid homage to in this drawing!

This one is still up for grabs in my store at the moment.

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Inktober 2016 #10 - Harmonious Outlook
This one took me about 4 sessions of returning to the plein air location-- a couple hours each session-- in order to finish all the foliage and trees. The figure was from a photo shoot I did with a friend of mine who I hired as an androgynous model for my birdfolk figures.

At the time of posting, the original is still up for grabs on my website.

:bulletblue:My Website  • Store  •  Commissions • Instagram  •  Twitter  •  Tumblr :bulletblue:  
Inktober 2016 #9 - Steadfast Verdancy
This was drawn from life at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, TX, of a huge oak tree which had been partially uprooted in some decade past (or so I assume by the size), falling on it's side. However, it just kept on growing, snaking the new growth of it's boughs skyward with solid health. An amazing and beautiful tangle of huge roots are exposed at the old base, and soil has gathered inside over the years, so that now a host of new plants grow in the caverns left exposed by the uprooting. I was drawn to this tree the last time I visited the Wildflower Center, and when coming here to draw for Inktober, came directly to this tree to finally draw it-- and didn't leave until I had finished this drawing when the Center closed for the evening, eight hours later.

This drawing was done with a Uni-ball Vision Elite BLX Rollerball Pen in Green Black, a Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Pen in White Ink, a Pilot Pocket Brush Pen with Waterman Absolute Brown Ink, and a Kuretake No. 8 Fountain Brush Pen with Sailor Jentle Yama-dori (Copper Pheasant) Ink.

The original is still up for grabs on my website!

:bulletblue:My Website  • Store  •  Commissions • Instagram  •  Twitter  •  Tumblr :bulletblue:  
Inktober 2016 #8 - Reboundings
Recently, the area where I live has been touched by the blight of oak wilt, a disease that can quickly spread to wipe out a great number of Live Oak trees. In order to combat it, the neighborhood has had oak wilt trenches built, which dig down deep to cut the roots of neighboring oaks off from one another, and then are filled back in with dirt.

I walked down the scar of one of these oak trenches, which cut a new path through a patch of the woods that hadn't been very accessible before. I was sure I would find some interesting trees. This one caught my attention, and as I drew it, I noticed more and more aspects of it which led me to believe that it is one of those afflicted. The large, old boughs were barren of leaves, while a number of tiny new twigs sprouted up from the main trunk with huge new leaves-- an attempt at a rebound from the disease, though one which I understand does not usually succeed.

This drawing was done with a Kuretake No. 8 Fountain Brush Pen on Strathmore Toned Tan Paper, with Sailor Jentle Yama-dori (Copper Pheasant) Ink, which is a lovely teal which shows a faint reddish sheen in darker areas. I was sooo excited to try this ink out for the first time after discovering it, and I was not disappointed!

This one is currently still available in my store, found here.

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Inktober 2016 #7 - Twin Oaks
Another of my brush pen drawings from this year's Inktober. The Live Oak trees native to the Texas Hill Country are one of my favorite parts of the local landscape; they have the most wonderful forms. These two were tame in the degree to which they bent and flowed, but I was drawn to how nicely they echoed one another.

This original is still available on my website, at the time of posting!

:bulletblue:My Website  • Store  •  Commissions • Instagram  •  Twitter  •  Tumblr :bulletblue:  


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